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Encourage and support your kids as they learn. Research shows it makes a big difference to their future.

Kia Kaha

A school based programme provided by the NZ Police.

Useful Websites For Your Children’s Home Learning

Literacy Sites

BBC site to develop language skills and awareness.

Add your child’s spelling list words on this site and it makes games with the words.

Read a range of online books here.

This is a great site for younger learners.

Numeracy Sites

A huge range of fun maths activities.

The BBC provide great numeracy activities too.

Some fun online maths games that challenge children’s thinking.

More interactive maths games, some at a higher level.

General websites

This is a website from a school in England. It has many educational (and fun) links for learning.

A general website that has games for learning – recommended for years 1-4 but can be enjoyed by any children!